Streetwear clothing from brands such as Kaws and Supreme is one of the many things available at PlugTown. With its timeless popularity, streetwear fashion has become more prevalent in the digital world through games and franchises. Accessing streetwear and fashion in the metaverse has become more mainstream. With this notion, you can style your characters to your liking and access your exclusive fashion pieces digitally! Whether you’re a gamer or a streetwear enthusiast, keep reading to learn about the growing popularity of unique metaverse collections, including the Pokemon and Gucci collaboration.

Gucci x Pokemon Go

The Pokemon franchise is still popular and well sought after by many people, so it’s no surprise that games are elevating their clothing options for characters and allowing more stylish options for players to customize their characters. Now it is more common to see items such as the Gucci x North face shirt or the accompanying Gucci x North Face hats and bags as options for character attire. 

Lately, luxury brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Balmain have collaborated with favoured gaming franchises to curate streetwear-inspired clothing collections and leave a digital print in the virtual world.

Gucci In The Metaverse

The Italian fashion house Gucci is known to embrace and experiment with fashion in the metaverse. In the past, Gucci’s notable collaborations with digital gaming franchises such as Roblox and Zepeto were enjoyed by players who had the chance to explore luxury fashion on a digital platform. 

Gucci collaborated with Roblox multiple times in 2021, with one of the collaborations granting the players exclusive Gucci accessories to add to their characters. Most notably, Gucci partnered with Roblox to create immersive experiences such as Gucci Garden and Gucci Town, where players could view exhibitions of Gucci campaigns and access limited-edition items for their characters.

The fashion house has also collaborated with the virtual platform Zepeto where players can dress their 3D avatars in Gucci’s coveted ensembles and accessories.

Pokemon and Its Influence On Streetwear

Since the debut of the first animated Pokemon series, many variations of clothing have featured the Pokemon characters throughout the years. Most recently, the luxury French fashion house Balmain collaborated with Pokemon to curate the unisex BALMAIN X POKÉMON collection, available on their website. The collection features oversized silhouettes (favourable in streetwear), Pokemon prints, and prints of the notable character Pikachu. The BALMAIN X POKÉMON collection highlights Pokemon’s ongoing mainstream popularity with fashion influences.

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