Last year proved pivotal in fashion, with numerous brands such as Supreme and Gucci showcasing an array of collaborations. Streetwear-focused brands like Supreme (available to buy at PlugTown) and Human Made have created distinct collections; luxury houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have maintained their legacies while broadening their horizons through exclusive collaborations like Gucci x Adidas. It’s always exciting to see what a new year will bring regarding fashion, so with 2022 in mind, let’s look at the eight brands to look out for in 2023!

Brand 1: Gucci

The Italian house Gucci is known for its innovative designs, curated by former creative director Alessandro Michele, who recently stepped down. Gucci was at the forefront of fashion news last year for its iconic and anticipated collaboration (Gucci x Adidas). The brand also had campaigns with celebrity ambassadors like Harry Styles for the Gucci “Ha Ha Ha” campaign and had its metaverse debut through partnerships with popular gaming franchises like Zepeto and Roblox, where the apparel is featured.

Although Alessandro Michele is no longer the creative director at Gucci, his distinct creative visions have been a basis for remembrance. Through exquisite fashion shows showcasing collections curated by Alessandro Michele, such as the Twinsburg Show in Milan, Gucci has the blueprint to continue its journey by refining fashion and maintaining its long-found popularity. Gucci works to imprint its vision within modern luxury and has proven to be consistently popular and sought-after for its style. This brand is one to keep an eye out for this year!

Gucci x Adidas Brand Collaboration
Courtesy of Gucci

Brand 2: Palace

Palace (or Palace Skateboard) is a British clothing and skateboarding brand founded in 2010, it is known for its streetwear staples and visionary graphic-designed skateboards. The streetwear brand features eclectic designs within its attire, particularly on its outerwear and apparel. The brand’s aesthetic is reminiscent of a 90s street aesthetic in its silhouettes and designs, and it has become a sought-after contemporary fashion brand, solidifying its image through unexpected but monumental campaigns.

Most notably, Palace’s monumental collaboration was with Gucci toward the end of 2022. The collection allowed Palace to venture into womenswear for the first time, featuring tailored skirts and cropped tops (wearable by any gender). The Palace and Gucci collaboration featured the GG monogram and the Palace logo, symbolizing the exciting union. A notable item from the Palace and Gucci collaboration was the exclusive safe, linked to Gucci’s vault concept. With eclectic pieces in the collection, there is no doubt that Palace will collaborate with more sought-after brands this year and in the foreseeable future! 

Palace x Gucci Brand Collaboration

Brand 3: The North Face

The North Face is a brand that has recently gained popularity with the younger generation and is one to watch this year! As an outerwear brand, it has become a staple for streetwear and an aesthetic yet practical outerwear choice for many. The North Face has solidified its image within fashion and lifestyle through various collaborations.

This outdoor lifestyle brand was one of the first to collaborate with a luxury brand, most notably Gucci, as well as with household streetwear brands like Supreme for the iconic Supreme x North Face collaboration. As well as venturing into streetwear and fashion, the outdoor brand collaborated with Online Ceramics in 2022. With an emphasis on sustainability, the brand ventures into curating clothing that focuses on recycling waste and finding renewable sources for fashion.

Gucci x The North Face Brand Collaboration
-Courtesy of Gucci

Brand 4: Human Made

Founded in 2010 by designer, producer, and DJ Nigo, the Human made brand is a Japanese streetwear-based label with origins in Tokyo. Taking inspiration from past fashion styles, Human Made produces distinctive pieces that interlock the vibrant nature of Tokyo with vintage segments and minimalistic silhouettes great for streetwear enthusiasts.

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding Human Made, and there’s certainly bound to be more! With the recent release of the Human Made 25th Edition book showcasing an exclusive look at some of the attire in the spring summer 2023 collection coming this year, Human Made unveils new distinct streetwear apparel.

Human Made Brand

Brand 5: Supreme

The American brand Supreme has left a distinctive and everlasting imprint on streetwear and fashion. Supreme has been a trailblazer in its two-decade existence, working with many influential and innovative designers and artists while marking its distinctive identity within streetwear. Supreme has collaborated with various brands, including Louis Vuitton, and The North Face. Supreme shows no signs of slowing down with its slew of collaborations this year! With Supreme, you can expect unique designs and exciting collaborations, so it is a brand to look out for in 2023.

The North Face x Supreme Brand Collaboration

Brand 6: Louis Vuitton

The French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is a brand known for its innovative designs. For decades, the brand has created unique designer items and apparel that have maintained popularity working with talented artists and creative directors. One of the most notable visionary creative and artistic directors at Louis Vuitton has been Virgil Abloh, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear attire.

The brand recently unveiled its anticipated Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection, their second partnership after ten years since their first collaboration. The collection dropped in January this year, featuring various products embellished with Yayoi Kusama’s signature dots and designs. Louis Vuitton is bound to continue dropping collections and forming new collaborations throughout the year and there’s excitement to see what the brands’ collections will entail!

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Brand Collaboration

Brand 7: Luar

Luar is a brand developed by Brooklyn designer Raul Lopez. The brand has grown in popularity, with celebrities like Dua Lipa and Troye Sivan exhibiting attire and accessories from Luar’s latest collection. The most notable accessory in Luar’s brand is the Ana bag, coined the “it bag” when it first dropped. The bag sold out within 2 hours of its first drop, receiving a positive reception from the public for its comparable affordability.

Luar had its fair share of publicity last year with the New York Fashion Week runway presentation and Gucci collaboration, and it was clear designer Raul Lopez’s talent and vision were being exhibited. Being named the Time’s Next 100 and winning the CDFA American Accessory Designer of the Year award, it is clear that Luar’s designer Raul Lopez is on the rise, and you certainly don’t want to miss it.

Luar Brand

Brand 8: Denim Tears

The founder of Denim Tears, Tremaine Emory, also happens to be the creative director for the renowned streetwear label Supreme, so it is no surprise that the brand has had a lot of hype and positive reception! The brand Denim Tears is known for its original streetwear-based clothing designs and its notable signature cotton wreath motif on various clothing pieces worn by celebrities such as ASAP Rocky. Emory’s ability to continuously make unique and distinctive clothing that promotes conservation shows his innovative approach towards clothing and fashion.

Denim Tears Brand

With its compelling Denim Tears x Levis partnership, the brand has curated pieces such as the favoured Levi’s 501, which was in high demand and sold out rapidly after it dropped. Alongside exciting partnerships, Tremaine Emory has created garments adorned with religious figures, most notably Jesus as a black man, and has defined the Denim Tears brand as one not afraid to change narratives and curate new pieces within streetwear fashion.

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